We're back at it! New Classes for January 2024!

We're back at it! New Classes for January 2024!

Happy New Year! After taking December easy, we are back to work with new classes for all of your crafting needs. We have multiple group classes and one on one sessions, as well as private craft workshops available, and I am so appreciative to all of you who have participated and keep coming back for more! 

As always, not all of my classes are sold directly by me, but instead, some are sold by the store or venue I am hosting for. I've included links directly to those stores below if that is the case.

Here is the schedule:


  •  Beginning Crochet Class
    • January 11th at Weird Sisters, Portland, OR 
    • Purchase tickets from Weird Sisters here.
  • Beginning Crochet Class
    • January 25th at Weird Sisters, Portland, OR
    • Purchase tickets from Weird Sisters here.
  • Crochet Granny Square
    • January 21st at Hook and Needle, Vancouver, WA
    • Purchase tickets from Hook and Needle here.
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