Learn to Crochet Online with Radiant Beans!

Learn to Crochet Online with Radiant Beans!

You read that right! We have been hard at work creating a new online course for all of you who are interested in learning how to crochet! The Radiant Beans Beginning Crochet online course is now live and open for enrollment! 

Join me as I introduce you to the wonderful world of crochet. In this course, you will learn all you need to know to get started with this fun and creative craft. From basic terminology and reading patterns, to completing many of your first projects, this course is a great option for beginners and those looking to take their crochet skills to the next level.


 What to expect in this online crochet course

4 Hours of Content!

This online Beginning Crochet course includes 20 videos and four hours of content, all to help you get your crochet journey started. Join us for three complete projects and a heap of foundational information all about crochet!

More Than Just Tutorials

While we will complete three separate projects during this course, there is even more to discover! We will go over all of the fundamentals of crochet before ever beginning our first project. We have taught these same topics at our In-Person Classes to hundreds of happy students, and now we are sharing them with you!

We Take it Slow

These aren't short clips cobbled together. The Radiant Beans Beginning Crochet online course presents every project step-by-step. We intentionally take our time and cover many topics more than once to ensure that you are successful!


 What will we learn?

We begin with all of the basics of crochet- different tools of the trade, terminology of the craft, and even how to read crochet patterns. Once we have that foundation in place, we will move on to three unique crochet projects.

Our first project is a Textured Dishcloth, the very same project we teach in our In-Person Learn to Crochet classes.

Best project for crochet beginners textured dishcloth online crochet course


Next, we will move on to learning how to crochet in the round as we create a Round Coaster. This is an excellent foundation for learning how to get started with Amigurumi Crochet later on.

Best project for crochet beginners round coaster online crochet course


Lastly, we will learn how to crochet Granny Squares! These are so fun and versitile, and this project will teach you even more skills you can use in the future.

Best project for crochet beginners granny square online crochet course


Multiple Payment Options Available

It has always been important to us to offer our services in ways that allow as many people to participate as possible. Crochet is for everyone, and we want to share our love for this craft with you. Because of this, we offer this Beginning Crochet online course to you with both a one-time purchase option and the option to pay over six months. The overall price is the same regardless of your preference, and you gain access to all of the same high-quality crafting content!

Two pricing options are available:

  • $99 one-time payment
  • $16.50/mo for 6 months 


Learn with Me!

Lear to crochet online with the beginning crochet course from radiant beans

I am so excited to share this course with all of you! We have spent so much time building a curriculum that we feel truly sets you up for success and gets you ready to begin all of the crochet projects you have been dreaming of. 

Want to learn how to crochet online? Head on over to our Beginning Crochet Online Course to get signed up! 

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