First Look: New T-Shirts!

First Look: New T-Shirts!

In our most recent blog post we mentioned that new merchandise was coming soon, and here we are! We have received our latest test run of t-shirts and they are looking amazing. 

We are so excited to announce that our first run of t-shirts will be available on Monday, August 14th!

Stay Radiant T-Shirt for Yarn Crafters Crochet and Knitting

Each shirt is very high quality and very comfy. We do think they run a little bit small, so I would recommend ordering one a size larger than you might normally choose.


Women's Stay Radiant T-Shirt from Radiant Beans

Stay Radiant T-Shirt for Knitters and Crocheters
As you can see above, our Stay Radiant design is now available in T-Shirt form. But that's not all! Knit Fast, Die Young is also going to be available in both Pink and Gold variations, and all shirts will be available in both Women's and Men's sizes right out of the gate.
Men's crafting t-shirt for crochet and macrame fiber artists
Gold Knit Fast Die Young T-Shirt from Radiant Beans
Men's Knit Fast Die Young T-Shirt for Fiber Artists
Gold Skull Knit Fast Die Young T-shirt from Radiant Beans
Once again, all of these shirts will be aviallable on Monday, August 14th, so keep an eye out for posts on our Social Media accounts, and maybe even a discount code!
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