Crochet teacher for private events!

Crochet teacher for private events!

There has been growing interest for us to provide private workshops during special events. We were lucky to have just finished a Beginning Crochet class during a bachelorette party a couple of weeks ago and it was a great time!

We have decided to make things official and create a page dedicated to these kinds of private workshops. If you are interested in having us host a special private class for you and your guests, please we have all of the details here.

The Highlights

We are now offering private crafting workshops, either as standalone events, or as part of your larger day of activities such as a bachelorette party, team building, or other corporate event. In these workshops, we will complete one crafting project and your guests will leave with a work of their own creation, some great memories, and some fresh know-how for completing future projects!

Projects typically take between 1.5 and 3 hours, but we can always discuss what projects would be best for you and your guests. If we are working with a large group, expect things to take a bit longer so everyone can get enough time and attention throughout the activity.

Choose from one of the available crafting workshop options below, or let's talk about doing something custom just for you!

  • Beginning Crochet Private Workshop
  • Beginning Knitting Private Workshop
  • Beginning Macrame Private Workshop

We are excited about this new offering and we hope you take a look at our private crochet, macrame, and knitting workshops! As always, we have our usual group and one on one classes available year-around!

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